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Fizzz Media create show guides, catalogues, floorplans and previews for the exhibition industry. We manage the entire production process, from exhibitor data collection (using our bespoke software), through to delivery.

Let our experience, skill and dedication work for you.


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Design led, accurate guides, previews and newsletters printed on 100% recycled paper, delivered safely and on time, around the world.



Page flips trying to behave like printed titles are so the 2010s. Hard to read, hard to manage on your device and prone to crashing. The reader wants to read the guide, and during a live event they need to use the guide. Thats why we create digital titles that are easy to read on phones, with clear legible design, and that are easy to access, use and share. Also, event apps: Make them too complicated and you run the risk of baffling your exhibitors and visitors. We make simple apps: simple to use, simply connecting exhibitors and buyers.



Bit of both? We can do that. Digital guides, print on demand, vip mailings, and personalised product guides created by the visitors, for the visitors. Just because your event is running online doesn’t mean your event community shouldn’t receive printed guides and previews, delivered to their homes and offices. Nice to not stare at a screen for a bit, lets be honest!


A Few Words About Us

Welcome to Fizzz Media. Experts in show guides, previews, app management, floorplan design, data management, e-commerce, print and mailing.

Skilled in design and keeping a product on brand. Our studio has produced thousands of design-led international and UK b2b and consumer titles. From complex seminar, conference and education programmes, detailed floor plans and show floor guidance through to editorial, comment and product listings.

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We're Experts

We've been doing this a long time. The creators of Fizzz Media we're the engine room of the much missed Eventful Publishing,

Quality Services

We pride ourselves on the accuracy and creativity of our product. We always deliver to the venue with time to spare.

Proven Software

The CRM and data collection software has evolved over many years, helping to create beautiful and profitable show guides.

80 Years' of Combined Experience in Contract Publishing

Industry Leading Software

From API Integration to Data Collection and Ad Sales

Our software is a one-stop-shop for the production of exhibition show guides, from initial data upload to show delivery.